Our roof cleaning process includes:

  • Roof tile cleaning: Fresh Look uses an exclusive soft wash system which is a low-pressure with a 100% bio degradable and eco-friendly solution.  The entire surface area is sprayed with our soft wash treatment – killing algae, moss, mildew and sterilizing surfaces of diseases and allergens. Your roof will stay clean up to five times longer than with pressure washing or other options.

  • Iron roof cleaning: Safe and gentle cleaning with our eco-friendly solution and a gentle scrub will address oxidation and discoloration issues, give instant results leaving your roof looking as good as new.















What makes us different from other cleaners?


  •  Our treatment solves the root issue 

Your roof isn’t just dirty – it's infected with bacteria. Trying to fix this with manual scrubbing of tiles or pressure washing will only remove the outer layer of this growth and not deal with the root of the problem, leaving your surface vulnerable again soon after a manual wash. Our soft wash method goes to the root of the issue. Fresh Look is so confident in its methods it has committed to spot clean your roof for free should the bacteria re-occur within a year of a roof clean with us. 


  •  No damage from pressure or manual scrubbing

Pressure washing and manual scrubbing will erode your tile coating and paint and cause your roof to degrade faster! Our methods are gentle on your roof and help to extend the life of your roof. Beware of poor methods that will cause your roof even more damage. Do your research. And then call us.  


  •  More economical cleaning method

Pressure and manual washing utilize from 3 litres to 30 litres of water PER MINUTE.  We use state of the art equipment for our soft washing method and it only utilizes a fraction of the water. 


  •  Your roof cleaning is completed in a matter of hours 

Following a thorough inspection of your property, we treat your roof and finish within a matter of hours depending on the severity of the roof infestation.  98% of the time we are done in 4-5 hours. And 100% of the time we are done in a day. So you don't have to be concerned about workmen around your property for days. 


  •  Your roof and house will be left looking beautiful with a fresh new look.  

Impressions matter and maintaining a pristine exterior will help hold your property value and make you feel even greater about your property.