Residential Services

With Fresh Look's premium and professional surface treatment and cleaning system, we clean your roof, pavers and home’s exterior surfaces thoroughly using our soft wash method and state of the art pressure washing equipment. 

For roof cleaning we use the soft wash method. This solution involves using a bio degradable dirt remover and is the SAFE way to clean roof tiles. The coating on your tiles will not be eroded and the treatment lasts up to five times longer than the standard pressure wash or manual scrub. 

We also promise you a  free return to treat the affected spots should your roof get dark stains within one year of our roof clean.

Paver cleaning, concrete cleaning, brick cleaning and other exterior surfaces are also done at Fresh Look. Our cleaning specialists are trained and experienced to give each surface the appropriate treatment to ensure the removal of dirt, algae, moss, weeds and other agents.  We guarantee your home won't be the same after we clean it.

And at Fresh Look no home is too big or too small.

Our specialty is to clean, soft and pressure wash, restore & maintain:

•  Roofs  

•  Pavers (Driveways, walkways, sidewalks, verandahs) 
•  Concrete

•  Curb stones
•  Brick 
•  Stone 
•  Windows 
•  Gutters

•  Tents/ canopies

•  Solar panels 
•  Swimming pools and decks 
•  Water/ sewerage tanks 
•  Perimeter Walls/ fences

•  Exterior painting