Frequently asked questions

What are those ugly black stains on my roof?

Your roof is infested with bacteria. The unsightly black stains are a form of bacteria, thriving on your roof. The bacteria’s scientific name is “Gloeocapsa Magma”. The bacteria spores spread by air and the micro-organisms feed off of moisture. They are typically found on the sides of roofs which receive less sun, and the shady areas that tend to stay wet longer caused by overhanging tree branches. Accumulation of the bacteria starts to show as the black stains on your roof. The bacteria turns black as their outer coating turns hard to protect itself against the suns UV rays. As the bacteria colony grows, it lengthens and streaks down the roof caused by gravity, and holds more moisture on the roof, accelerating the bacteria growth. This provides an excellent environment for moss and lichen to soon follow! It is a viscous circle of roof destruction, decay and dramatic drop in your home, or business’s curb appeal. The earlier your roof is cleaned and treated the better!
Don't worry too much, Fresh Look can remove those ugly black stains from your roof.

Can I get rid of the black stains on my roof manually or with store bought products?

We do not recommend trying to remove the black streaks on your roof using household products. If you read these products’ labels, they often reveal: The product uses a strong chemical degreaser that can harm your roof tiles. Most of these products take multiple applications over a few months or even years. Manually scrubbing roof tiles or using a pressure washer highly degrades your roof because it erodes tiles coating and paint. Walking over your roof also poses several risks. Our soft wash method will protect the integrity of your roof - tiles or iron sheets. We provide safe, proven soft wash methods, use professional grade equipment, use non-damaging, bio-degradable, eco friendly cleaning solutions for your exterior home cleaning needs.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Uganda, however, we are typically on site in Kampala suburban areas and areas within a 25 kilometre radius within a matter of hours for consultation. While we can reach you where you are, please call us and check our avilablility. Our aim is to serve you where you are.

Can roof cleaning save me money?

Yes, the algae and fungus growing on your roof eat into your roof tiles thereby shortening the life of your roof. The algae also turns your roof black making it less reflective. It retains heat, making your home or property hotter inevitably resulting in you using a fan or air conditioning to cool down. Give a good impression of your home/ building by maintaining a clean and fresh exterior.

Are there any consequences if I choose to leave my roof the way it is?

Leaving algae on your roof is a lot worse than just having to look at a dirty roof. Algae, moss, and lichen will start to decay your roof by holding moisture. Think about a wet sponge on your wood table. After time the water will cause damage as it seeps into the wood. In your case, water is seeping into your roof. Once the liner on your roof is exposed and decaying, your tiles will crack or break, leaks will sprout and you will have no choice but to spend money on a new roof.

Is your method guaranteed to get my roof clean?

Yes. Our soft wash system is proven process and proprietary solution guaranteed to successfully remove the ugly black stains from your roof the day of cleaning and treatment. Our Fresh soft wash process provides a 100% kill ration on bacteria, algae, moss and lichen! Our 3 in 1 method cleans the roof of black stains, provides a 100% kill ratio of all bacteria, moss and lichen to include roots, and inhibits the return of all growth. We are so confident in our process and methods that we provide a “Spot Free” 1 year limited warranty with every complete roof cleaning! Most roofs clear instantly while others depending on the extent of bacteria and moss growth may take days to clear. But they will get clean. During our consultation we shall manage your expectations on results.

How will you clean my dirty concrete surface?

Concrete is very porous and and literally soaks up dirt and algae. Once dirt and algae have settled into the pores, water alone won’t get it out. This makes cleaning a concrete driveway or cleaning a foot path very difficult. The best way to clean concrete is to kill the algae and remove the dirt with a solution first. Using a professional grade cleaner prevents streaking and gives a clean, uniform result.

How much will it cost to clean my property?

Each cleaning job is different, and many factors are taken into consideration when developing a quote. For example for a roof, we consider the pitch of the roof, square footage, degree of black stains, presence of moss and/or lichen, perimeter landscaping, accessibility, water availability, etc. For concrete we consider the size of the area, the extent of weed growth, dirt collection, the terrain of the surface etc. Cost depends on many factors and can only be reliably confirmed following a consultation at your property. Beware of the lowest bidder! Fresh Look may not give you the lowest price, but will always be the company that provides the highest level of value, service and professionalism to the customer. If you think we are expensive, try hiring an amateur. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. We provide free, prompt, no-hassle written estimates, call us at +256-777-222-222.

What other surfaces do you clean?

Apart from roofs, we clean pavers, concrete surfaces, side walks, canopies, tents, walls, brick fences, statues, windows, gutters, playground structures, swimming pools, pool decks, wooden decks, water tanks and just about all other exterior surfaces. Fresh Look cleans and brightens surfaces as gently and as safely as possible.

How will you clean my roof and what should I expect?

Fresh Look can make your roofing tiles or iron sheets look new again, while extending the life of your roof. On the day of the roof clean, we shall arrive on time, conduct a walkthrough of the property to ensure windows are closed, landscaping is protected and any damage is clearly identified prior to any cleaning. We will never pressure wash your roof. We use a non-pressure roof cleaning process and apply our soft wash roof cleaning solution with no more pressure than what typically comes from a garden hose. 95% of the time we will not have to get up on your roof. We can work from the the gutter line or even the ground. Once applied, our soft wash roof cleaning solution will remove the darkest roof stains in minutes! A pressure washer should never be used to clean any type roof! Companies that use a pressure washer on your roof will remove the coating on tiles and leave your tiles vulnerable to the elements. This will shorten the life of your roof. We suggest you do your research first and then give Fresh Look a ring.

What clients do you clean for?

Fresh Look serves the residential and commercial market. No client is too small or too big. We exercise a high level of professionalism and expertise for both. Working with Fresh Look is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. We are not your average cleaning company and we treat each client like our only client. Our aim is to revive your preporty, make it look fresh and make sure clients are happy and we achieve that on our jobs. Our commercial clients include; hotels, restaurants, apartments, embassies, education institutions, petrol stations, malls, play grounds, motels, tent owners, office buildings, hospitals, workshops, factories and more.

What makes Fresh Look different from other cleaning companies?

Fresh Look is commited to providing it’s customers the highest level of quality, value, professionalism and customer service. We will treat you, your home and property with respect and as if it were our own. We will not rush to complete a job, or cut corners to save time or money. Fresh Look prides itself on spending as much time as necessary to ensure that a high level of value is provided and your 100% level of satisfaction is achieved. We invite comparison to other roof and exterior cleaning companies. Do they have proof of trained personnel in roof and exterior surface cleaning, have they invested in professional grade equipment, or are their personnel uniformed, clean-cut and professional? Do they guarantee their methods to last a certain amount of time (ours is a 1 year warranty within which we'll come back and spot treat your roof in the unlikely event that the algae returns). We are well trained and specialize in the cleaning and treatment of roofs and exterior flat surfaces. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others think about Fresh Look by viewing our testimonials on FaceBook and our website. Also our gallery tells a story of some of the work we have done. And its not everything. Call us to arrange a consultation or leave your contact details and we will call you as soon as possible.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

No. In order for Fresh Look to bring value to your property, we have to conduct a consultation at your property to inspect the area you want us to clean. For example, for your roof we will measure the size, pitch/ gradient, determine the complexity etc and then provide you with an accurate quote. Anyone who gives you a quote over the phone will do everything to cut corners inorder to be profitable and quite often it is the service of work that takes a hit. We are professionals and know that every customer is different. We are thorough in our job assessments and ensure all risks and important factors are taken into consideration. When our team comes on site to make your property fresh again you are guaranteed nothing but the best service in town. And we want you to be happy with the results without compromising on anything just to get our foot in the door.

Will you be using any of my electricity or water?

Yes - but only some water. We carry our own water but this often is not enough and will supplement with water on site. So please provide access to your water. If this is not possible we can bring our own water. Please advise us at the quotation stage factor so we can factor this into the quote. We shall NOT be using any of your electricity so we can still work during load shedding hours. Unlike our competitors, our equipment runs on fuel or other systems. Our clients do not have to incur further costs like electricity.

How and when do I make the payment for your services?

Clients are expected to pay 70% of the quotation prior to the Fresh Look starting work on site and the 30% balance on the day of the work. We take payment via mobile money, online bank payments and bank checks. We have a strictly no cash policy. All payments are confirmed with a receipt. Cash payments cannot be verified or tracked and therefore should any loss occur due to a payment made to Fresh technicians or person claiming to represent us, Fresh Look can not be held liable. Please be careful and pay only via our Fresh Look mobile account or bank account.

Apart from cleaning, do you provide any other services?

Yes. We replace broken roof tiles. We also paint roofs should you choose to replace the colour on your roof. We paint exteriors of properties. Our paint method is quick and efficient and we are done with your property in a short amount of time. We restore pavers. After they are cleaned, quite often they have gaping holes because of wear and tear or weeds. We refill these gaps with long lasting material, seal and leave your pavers looking new again. We also drain ponds, tanks, pools or flooded areas.

How can I learn more about Uganda?

There are several sources of information about Uganda including but not limited to; For tax and revenue information please visit For shopping visit; For education visit; For jobs visit;