Commercial Services

We understand that for our clients, maintaining a clean, sanitised property is vital especially when running a business.

If your property's roof, canopies, fences or hardscapes (concrete, pavers, pathways, walls and so on) have been tarnished due to dirt, mildew, moss or algae build-up or are just plain filthy, Fresh Look can help fully clean and sterilize even the toughest build up.

Our premium and environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable dirt remover treatment and our professionally trained specialists are guaranteed to clean your roof, pavers and exterior and get that shine back on your property.

We can clean almost any size job with the type of care and attention to detail your business property deserves. We partner with hotels, restaurants, apartments, embassies, education institutions, petrol stations, malls, office buildings, hospitals, factories and more.

A solution for each surface:

We are happy to give  a free demo of the services we can deliver for commercial customers.  We clean, soft and pressure wash, restore & maintain:

• Roofs (Hotels, restaurants, offices, malls, churches, schools, universities, recreational centres, factories, warehouses, hospitals, play ground structures and more)
•  Pavers (Driveways, parking lots, compounds) 
•  Concrete  
•  Brick 
•  Stone 

•  Tiles
•  Windows 
•  Gutters

•  Solar panels 
•  Swimming pools and decks 
•  Water/ sewerage tanks 
•  Highway bridges
•  Traffic medians
•  Statues/ placards

•  Stucco (walls)

•  Heavy Equipment

•  Industrial Equipment

•  Factories